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News from the Kitchen

This school year we have had a number of changes to our school meals most notably the universal free school meals for every child in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2.  We are so pleased that nearly all of our families have taken up the offer of a hot meal each day.  With the high take up in meals we have worked hard to make sure all the children collect their food on time and have enough time in the playground at lunchtime and so far it is going really well when you consider the kitchen serve as many as 350 meals to Key Stage 1 and 2 combined on our busiest day.  If your child is one of the few in Reception, Year 1 or Year 2 who still brings in sandwiches it really is worth getting them to try a school meal as it could save you time and money and introduce your child to new foods.

Another change that has been made this school year is the fact that the kitchen staff are now employed by the school rather than directly from Birmingham City Council.  This means that we have greater flexibility with our menus and choice of supplier.   We currently use a consulting service to support the kitchen staff and to ensure that the school complies with the latest legislation regarding school meals.  The menus run on a three week cycle and can be viewed on the school website by clicking on the following links: week 1 menu, week 2 menu, week 3 menu.  A child food group representative from every class is involved in assessing the menus so that popular healthy options remain and changes can be made where necessary.  Years 5 and 6 do have the option of selecting a filled baguette or wrap each day which is supplemented by a choice of salads from a self-serve cart and the day’s pudding option.

The kitchen staff will soon be holding a session for parents so that you can see and taste the food that your child has at school and get an idea of the portion sizes (certainly bigger than the school that appeared in the press over last weekend).  The tasting event will probably happen during one of the parents’ evening – keep an eye out for details.