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KS2 Dance Competition


KS2 Dance competition January 2022 2nd place 


KS2 Dance competition script


Our dance is based around the concept of journeys. Whilst we have all been on different journeys in our lives, what is special about the journey this dance represents, is that it is a journey that everyone in the world has experienced and is one we experienced at the same time.

Our timescales span almost two years, beginning in March 2020 when the Coronavirus first took hold. Living through the rollercoaster of Lockdowns, school closures, restrictions on our movements and seeing family members, we all experienced different feelings such as:





As the world began to open up again and schools fully reopened, we started to feel more positive, enjoying emotions such as:





The aim of our dance is to reflect this journey of emotions. This is OUR Lockdown journey. We hope you enjoy!